With clients and students worldwide, Jason Taylor Morgan is an internationally recognized multi-dimensional consciousness and spirituality explorer and teacher. He is a leading-edge emotional trauma healer specializing in recovery from childhood sexual, emotional and physical abuse or emotional trauma of any kind ... and then recreating yourself to a new and natural higher version of you. He is a powerful energy alchemist, modern mystic, and 5D Ascending Life & Self Change teacher, and guide.

Born with a magnificently natural understanding of advanced consciousness, the nonphysical world, energy and frequency dynamics, multidimensionality, sacred energetics, "Jason is one of the most innovative and powerful energy professionals working today."  Paradigm Shift Magazine.

Publishing his fourth novel in December 2017, and writer, speaker, and popular coast-to-coast seminar and workshop leader, he is the creator of multiple multidimensional evolutionary energy systems new to the earth, including Starpoint Energetics™, Quantum ReVisioning™, Inner Dimensional Dynamics, Ascending Life Emotional Trauma Healing, The Universal Human, Zero-Frequency Consciousness.

Earlier in his career, he was a marketing and advertising agency senior executive and president. Jason spent five years, 2010 - 2015, on an epic journey throughout America of spiritual and personal discovery, creating his advanced energy work, conducting events coast-to-coast, and writing his novel, O'Rourke The Medicine Man.    

Jason's unique work is 'next generation 5 D Human Evolution.' He calls it 5D Human Consciousness for the Real World!


Robyn Reece is a dynamic, energetic force, body and voice for Feminine Power Consciousness. Having learned and lived the techniques and experienced Jason's energy work that is the foundation of this work, Robyn is a true pioneer in finding her own 5D Feminine Consciousness. As she is a pioneer in helping women rise emotionally and energetically to new levels of pure feminine consciousness, connect with their truth, empower themselves and cause seismic shifts and changes in 5D feminine evolution.

Growing up on a cattle ranch in North Central Nebraska, Robyn was gifted with spaciousness and freedom to explore her connection with nature, energy, and animals. The vast quiet helped foster her ability to listen deeply, process and practice the art of tranquility. These vibrations run very strongly in her life’s activities, ability to tune in and to help others who seek to move into and live from higher consciousness. Born with strong and natural energetic abilities, she is among Jason's top students and is the archetype for women doing this work, 

Like many women, ingrained with a strong compulsion to “seek more” she spent the majority of her adult life, traveling, studying, learning and applying various techniques and modalities.

The catalyst for Robyn’s emancipation came in 2013 when she left a 19-year servitude. Knowing she had gifts, talents, and abilities, yet unable to actualize what she knew was possible, she sought out a Master Teacher (Jason) who helped guide her in uncovering, strengthening and ultimately living her truth. Today, her life is a testimony to the transformation that is possible as an empowered woman.

Robyn is a Certified Nine Star Ki/Feng Shui Consultant and Licensed Spiritual Health Coach. She earned her Masters Degree in Education in 2016. She and her three amazing children live in Nebraska.