Hello and Welcome!

I’m very excited to have a forum to share my thoughts, insights and creative musings. Because of who I am, and how my brain is wired, I will share that the offerings here will come straight from the heart, unfiltered, WIDE OPEN, like the state of Montana! Jason and I share many traits and talents, one of those is the continual need to write and to create. We both feel that we are most alive and vibrant when we are in a state of creativity and writing, usually with the intent to contribute and help humanity, in any meaningful way we can.

This little corner of our beautiful website is where I’ll share the “real life” words, examples, ideas, offerings, and experiences that come through. While I do consider myself an Energy Master, I also consider myself to be fully human (alright, mostly human)! I have three children 19, 16 and 12. I am a mother, sister, daughter, friend, coach, counselor, and healer. Like many women, I have an arsenal of hats in my closet and even better than Superman, I don’t require a phone both to shift into the next role. My talents, traits, and abilities have been a long time in the development stage. I’ve been experienced some amazing accomplishments: getting my Master’s Degree in 2016, seeing and supporting my dear friend in remission from stage IV lung cancer, being able to travel to fun, exciting locations, spending time with my precious children. I’ve experienced some less than wonderful events: overcoming years of emotional and mental spousal abuse, supporting my son through two years (five surgeries and radiation) for neurofibromatosis type 2 and the sudden death of my only brother.

I’ve continually been invited to step into the flames, be burned to ashes and rise, as the phoenix of my own life. I went from a powerless, lost, confused, hurt women, very accustomed to lying in the fetal position, crying her eyes out to one who has let go of unhealthy patterns and people. I am no longer hesitant or afraid to say what needs to be said. I live by my own values and I will only make a move if I feel a clear, strong YES. I have learned to trust my heart and listen to my inner voice, even if that guidance appears to be “crazy” by outside standards. I have learned to rely on what I have inside, instead of the opinions of others. I have grown comfortable and grateful in my own skin, strength, and ability. I know myself very well, and while I am not a gambler, I would definitely put money on myself in the event of a challenge. I have the quiet confidence to know what I need and want to do and then take steps to bring that into reality. It doesn’t happen as quickly as I want it to, we are still dealing with lower dimensional realities, but I have a capacity for bringing things in long before they have the ability to take on physical vibrations.

And, I’ll bet, if you are reading this, and nodding your head, there’s a strong thread of truth here for you as well. Most likely, you’ve experienced some seemingly devastating lows and some pretty amazing highs too. If we were in person, and face to face, I would want you to know that all of those experiences have brought you to where you are today. While you may not be exactly where you want to be yet, you likely already possess all that you need to get where you are going. Sometimes it just takes a bit to reframe our minds, expand and have a different look at the situation, or… maybe it is time to stand up, make some drastic changes go in an entirely different direction?

Though I’ll be sharing on a variety of topics, I’d love your input on topics of interest. Please share ideas, requests, and comments via email

It is an honor to be walking this path with you.