Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are a few explanations of our work. The best way to understand and feel comfortable and confident that you are making the correct choice to take this journey is to talk to Jason or Robyn themselves. 

Is this 'New Age' energy work?

That it is multidimensional and advanced energetics, you could say it is. However, Jason and Robyn's work is purposely Non-New Age in that it professes nothing but free will, freedom, choice, exploration, and finding and living your own truth—spiritually, consciously, emotionally, energetically and practically. This is work for individuals who have evolved beyond spiritual collective patterning, gurus, metaphysics and spiritual co-dependency and arrogance. 

How do you do this work?

You experience it energetically in a week to week journey to where Jason takes you to fulfill your needs, desires and goals to change and evolve on every level of your life.  

What should you expect?

Profound healing, growth and 5D human Evolution. Coming to your full power and grace as a modern spiritual and consciously evolving woman.