Female Program Partners


An essential aspect of this work is the feminine presence. We have partnered with three amazing women who are Jason's close friends and powerful spiritual and energy professionals in their own right. Although Jason's work with women is pure and powerful, he is, after all, male. And Robyn's sphere of expertise focuses on Feminine Empowerment. There will be circumstances in a program where the presence and contribution of highly skilled woman-to-woman energy work will make all the difference in that aspect of your journey. 


Lisa O'Brien

Advanced Energy Intuitive, Healing, Clearing, Lightgrid, Shamanism. 

Lisa O’Brien, E-RYT, CRM is an experienced certified and registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance and received her teacher training through the Lourdes Wholistic Institute in 2003. She offers private and group sessions in yoga, Reiki, Light Grid Healing, meditation, drumming, personal growth classes and more. She is an advanced energy intuitive specializing in clearing blockages and negative programs out of the energy system for healing and advancement on one's path. She has developed her skills through Master teachers to also include Light Grid healing work and some shamanic practices.



Elizabeth S. Cullen

Angelic Healing, Sacred Feminine. 

Elizabeth of Angelic Wellness offers consultations assisting you to "Live Your Highest Life!" Health & Spiritual Advice:psychic/medium,Angel Intuitive,Pets

Website and Facebook. 


Iyeshka Farmer

Psychotherapy & Human and Spiritual Potential Counseling.

Registered Professional Counsellor, Psychotherapist, and trauma healing specialist; a professional trainer, consultant and internationally-known facilitator.