Advanced Energy Work for Consciously & Spiritually Advancing Women


This powerful, innovative, timely and advanced energy work is for women who are already well along on the path to advanced consciousness and spirituality. Women who are naturally energetically and spiritually talented. Women who are spiritual professionals or would like to be one. Women who are ready for What's Next and ready to break free from the collective mind of New Age spirituality to the independent, higher mind of Feminine Power Consciousness.    

The Five Cornerstones of Feminine Power Consciousness

Working with remarkable women of advanced consciousness and spirituality for ten years in such an intimate and intense way as emotional trauma healer ... 5D energetics, consciousness and spiritual teacher ... and practical and 5D life coach—as much as a man can, I suspect, I understand the strength and vulnerabilities of the feminine psyche. I asked myself recently, what are the five most common themes that prevent a modern, evolving woman from standing in her power? What should I use as the goal within the goal on this work? 

The journey to Pure Self is the heart of this work. It is your foundational goal from which your Feminine Power Consciousness rises. 

  • Heal Deep Core Emotional Trauma Wounds.
  • Change Mental Programming.
  • Find Core Self and learn Self-Trust and Self-Belief.
  • Anchor Inner Confidence.
  • Stay Consistent.

Are You Ready for Feminine Power Consciousness?

Feminine Power Consciousness strives to provide evolving women with support and empowerment and a highly advanced 5D energetic path to Deep Core Healing, Deep Truth, Core Self, an Ascending Life, 5D Consciousness and the Universal Sacred/Spiritual Feminine so we can rise to who we truly are, as evolving, fearless, vital women—as leaders, as teachers, as healers.

  • Rise beyond the beliefs, obsessive metaphysics, spiritual co-dependency and programmed thought of much of New Age Spirituality - and embrace freedom, free will, independent thought and following your own mind and truth.
  • Heal the past. Balance the present. Embrace the future.
  • Take firm, empowered steps to recreate your Self and your Life.
  • Find the heart, soul, mind, and power of your Feminine Truth.
  • Make new positive and empowering changes within.
  • Make deep and profound changes in your life's dynamics and relationships.
  • Luxuriate in your imagination, your senses, your wonder, your tenderness, your strength, your freedom.
  • Step into your self-empowered, self-healing, self-evolving 5D Feminine Self.
  • Explore 5D: the 5D (360) Human Brain and the multidimensional human experience.
  • Take a Quantum Leap spiritually, consciously, mentally, emotionally, energetically. 
  • Rise to your ever-evolving strong and graceful future!