1. Healing


Feminine Consciousness holds very deep wounds from the very beginning of human life on this planet, as well as karmic wounds, and deep wounds from this lifetime. Our primary focus on HEALING is exploring, addressing, transposing and transcending your emotional, mental and soul wounding from this life and what you carry into this life.

Our program work with you always begins with HEALING. Unless we heal our deep core wounds and our key emotional wounds and trauma, we cannot evolve. Spirituality is not healing, although much of New Age Spirituality has presented it that way. And without balance between emotional health and spiritual and consciousness advancement, one cannot evolve to 5D or rise into 5D Emotional Consciousness, which, as you have probably already surmised, is the key to our work and your success in it.

Our work is among is the most innovative and powerful on the planet. You feel it. Experience it. Shift with it. Become it. And learn to work with it. Jason has been healing healers and spiritual teachers, and people of advanced consciousness and spirituality - and teaching spiritual and energy healing professionals how to rise above healing modalities and create their own signature work for years. Robyn has been working with women as a highly innovative and dynamic Empowered Life Coach for years as well.

Your journey to Healing travels through the depths and textures of your inner self and clears the chaos and pain of how your outer self lives, relates and thrives in the world. You progress in every way and on every level - within your being and out in the world from weekly session to weekly session.

And healing your feminine sacred heart, mind, and soul on the deepest and most tender levels - and rising into 5D Emotional Consciousness ... perhaps this is one of the 'tasks' you came into this life to do.   

Sources of Wounding Become Steps to Freedom and Pathways to Your Deep Truth and Your Glorious Rising Self:  

  • Family of Origin.
  • Childhood, familial, societal, social, religious, peers.
  • Sexual, emotional, physical abuse.
  • Inferiority, self-sabotage, aiming low, relationship failure.
  • Behavior, patterns, tendencies, habits, addictions, impulse control.
  • Mental programs, beliefs.
  • Indecision, inertia, fear.
  • Loss, grief.
  • Oversensitivity, rawed feelings.
  • Drama.
  • Expectations, guilt - feeling or causing.
  • Genetic, karma, female collective.
  • Boundaries.

Your Goals?

  • Transposing darkness to light, lessons, and growth - or dissipating the darkness.
  • Learning 5D Emotional Energetics as you heal.
  • Learning to live with flowing, balanced, ever-consciously-rising emotions.
  • Learning to flow your balanced and empowered emotions into every area of your mind, your spirituality, your consciousness.
  • Finding, knowing, working with and living your Truth.
  • Finding, understanding and learning to work with and on your vast Inner Self and your Self out in the world.
  • Emerging beautifully, powerfully, unafraid.    

You can experience HEALING as a journey unto itself or as a launching pad and component of your journey through The 5 Portals.