The Vision

FEMININE POWER CONSCIOUSNESSTo offer modern spiritually and consciously evolving women a single primary and liberating energetic path to freedom and free will, self and life recreation, deep core healing, the emancipation of the feminine spirit, Self and life renewal and balancing, 5D spirituality and 5D consciousness—leading toward an Ascending Life ... by offering unprecedented high-frequency energetic explorations, growth and transformation.   


FEMININE POWER CONSCIOUSNESSAll my life, empowered women have surrounded me. My mother was a Classical pianist and music teacher. My four sisters are smart, talented, good-hearted, progressive and kind. I have two remarkable daughters. Both are brilliant, beautiful, talented and flowing along in their adult lives. Throughout my life, I have loved and have been loved by remarkable women. From my earliest memories, I stood witness and recognized the deep power of women. I stood witness and recognized the unfair, sexist and dangerous male world in which they lived. I saw it up close and personal—women's struggles to cast their own shadow in their own image, not have it darkened out by insensitive, competitive, and dismissive men.

Ninety percent of my clients and students over the last ten years have been and are women. There is very little that I have not encountered in the feminine mind, heart, soul, consciousness, and psyche ... from helping to heal her deep wounding to teaching her the most advanced energetics. I am one of those men who know his purpose for being on this volatile planet is to protect and empower ... and teach and inspire women … as well as learn from them more than they learn from me.

I had to earn the right to do what I came down here to do. I had to heal in my brain the deep ageless genetic wound that is seemingly programmed to harm women. I had to heal the abusive male gene that ran in my ancestry. I had to heal my emotional childhood trauma and all the darkness. I had to find the core of myself and find my truth. I had to heal and evolve myself as much or more than those magnificent people with whom I have worked. And I have done that.

The "Vision", then? Simple really, but with powerful results ... to put all of my unique and powerful energetic professional talents toward the magnificent empowerment of magnificent women.    

Robyn and I give you Feminine Power Consciousness. It is multi-level and multi-textured deeply life-changing energy work for today's 'break out' (evolving beyond New Age spirituality) spiritual woman of advanced consciousness. To assist her to stand in her Truth. Luxuriate in her Freedom. To break through beliefs, programs, wounds and emotional and mental constraints. Discover and take control of her Ascending Self and Life. And evolve to her full human, spiritual, conscious, emotional and energetic 5D Grace and Power.
Thank you for visiting here. We welcome you!

~ Jason Taylor Morgan 


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