2. Truth … Self … Life


What is standing in your truth? It is becoming fearless, confident and genuine. Stripped down to your pure and dramaless emotional and mental flow and clarity.  Your sense of Self is clear and open. You live your life according to your callings, your karma, and your heart and soul. You anchor into your deep self's full integrity with itself and with the dynamics of your life. Not selfishly. Generously—but discerningly. 

Recreating Self?  It is the process of healing your emotional and soul wounds. Finding the pure being.  Repatterning and neutralizing negative behavior. Taking what of you from the past is your best self and leaving the rest. Then, reconstructing the elements of your being to a place of joy, authenticity, and positivism. 

Realigning your life? It is a makeover to positive flow and balance in how you relate to your life and how your life relates to you—on every level. Every level.

What are your goals? 

  • Creating a new emotionally and consciously evolved sense of self that processes mind and emotions differently. You flow above the bumps and grinds of daily emotional interactions and a busy life as your new 'norm.'
  • Shifting to 5D Emotional Consciousness. Drama falls away. Negative dynamics fall away. The assault on your nervous system and emotions can't reach you and fall away. Your identity and sense of self shift. You rise to new heights of flow and transcendence. 

5D Emotional Consciousness is a new human experience, pioneered by Jason over the last several years. It is emotional consciousness risen to newly activated more evolved parts of the brain and higher aspects of The Shift consciousness. Our emotions lose their 3D immaturity and dominance - they being determined to make us feel whatever they want us to feel - and blossom to cooperative, textured, wise, smooth and solution or balanced-oriented emotional experiences. The key to our work and the key to 5D Human Evolution is 5D Emotional Consciousness.