Feminine Power Consciousness is the creation of Jason Taylor Morgan and Robyn Reece.  By each offering our half, female and male, to the circle of Feminine Empowerment, we bring our separate and blended insights and truths to our unique and innovative energy work, new to the earth and new to women. The time for this important breakthrough in feminine empowerment has arrived. We welcome you to it!  

Dear One,

I would like to welcome and congratulate you for following the steps to make it to this website, this location on the world wide web. We feel that while it is a website, Feminine Power Consciousness is much more than a website. It is a living, breathing, dynamic space, a portal if you will, for women who are ready to transform, shift, change and embody the truest sense of self and purpose they’ve ever known. This is powerful space, both in time and within the matrix of the female evolutionary process. Women have been held hostage by the patriarchal, male domination for far too long. The old ways of control, fear, manipulation, dictatorship, and all forms of hatred are no longer part of the energies that we have to choose from.

We are living during an unprecedented time in human history. We are seeing some of the very worst, most catastrophic events happening, as well as the most beautiful, seemingly impossible aspects arising side by side.

While we all navigate our personal heaven and hells on a daily basis, it is important to remember that we have choice. We have a choice of how we will react how we will navigate and how we will shape and flow our reality and our futures. The unknown becomes an ally as we learn to take conscious steps to reclaiming the power of who we truly are, as women, as leaders, as teachers, as healers.

There is a multitude of choices to be made each day. There are millions of ways to spend our time, talents and resources. It is our wish that this site is one that will continue to draw you here. We hope that you feel the palpable sense of healing, choice and unlimited possibilities. Our days can be full and stressful, we hope that you will bookmark this site, grab a cup of tea and let yourself feel the energy that emanates from this location. It is our intention to share and contribute our collective trainings, talents, inspiration, and experiences with those who are ready to choose; to choose themselves, to choose to completely reinvent their lives, live on their own terms, locate and live from their TRUE source of power, to feel energy in ways they never thought possible, to develop and fine-tune the inner compass and be able to navigate through any life challenge.

Jason and I put so much of ourselves into our energy work, our explorations and creations, and into your experience working with us. We strive very hard to find the perfect balance of combining our feminine and masculine sensibilities so that our work and offerings provide female/male honesty, balance, safety and inspiration. We are not New Age people, although what we do is certainly in that purvue. We go and will take you where the New Age cannot. 

This is our life's work. You will not find anything like it. It can and will change your life. It will empower you on so many levels and will take your magnificent feminine heart and soul and mind to places no woman has gone before. Not just that, to live your life so authentically and deeply and fearlessly and tenderly and confidently - and sometimes fiercely and ferociously. Welcome to our universe. Please come in. We honored by your visit.

~ Robyn

My Magnificent Friend,

I, too, would like to welcome and congratulate you for finding your way to our website. As Robyn has so beautifully written above—we feel that while it is a website, Feminine Power Consciousness is much more than that. We created and are creating still a living, breathing, dynamic space, a portal for women who are ready to transform, shift, change and embody the truest sense of self and purpose they’ve ever known.

For the last ten years, my mission on this planet has been and is to help spiritually, consciously and energetically advanced people to Heal, Shift and Evolve. To rise to new levels of daily, livable 5D emotional consciousness, 5D self and life mastery, 5D energetics, 5D spirituality and 5D consciousness. I have been an innovator, a creator and a leader in high-frequency human evolution. I have worked with hundreds of people in private session work worldwide and thousands through my events and social media. I write. I speak. I have tried my best to give all of myself to my work.

As climb into my 60s, and being the type of person who cannot survive unless I am in a new living, breathing creative process and personal and professional transformation, in November 2017, it all came to me in a matter of seconds. It was time to put all of my professional efforts into the empowerment of women, only. As I mentioned somewhere else on the website, 90% of my clients and students over the years have been and still are women. I am one of those men who knows his purpose for being on this volatile planet is to both protect and empower ...  and teach and inspire women. As well as learn from them more, perhaps, than they learn from me. The universe thinks I am pretty good at this.

In thirty seconds, the name of the new work came to me - FEMININE POWER CONSCIOUSNESS. You can see it Feminine-Power Consciousness, Feminine Power-Consciousness or any way you like. In sixty seconds, I had the domain name purchased. In 90 seconds, I found the graphic that would define the site - our glorious flying woman in white on the homepage slider. And in one hundred and thirty seconds, I knew who I wanted to invite to join me on this remarkable journey. Robyn has been my student and friend - my best student and a dear friend - for a few years now. I have watched her progress along an extraordinarily challenging yet increasingly beautifully orchestrated life path. She has what I like to call macro mind. She sees and lives the big picture and avoids the drama, as I do. The goodness of her heart, her intellect, her imagination, her professional abilities and her authenticity struck me on our first phone call. Her understanding of the nuances, the secrets, the mysteries, the vastness and the energy dynamics of life human, spiritual, consciousness, multidimensional, and energetic all flowing into 5D Human Evolution mirror my own. I have just been doing it, teaching it and living it longer.

This work is about stepping into your life as an independent thinking pioneer and journeyer, interested in truth and experience and evolving as a remarkable individual. Work with us. We will take you to both deep and electrifying places within yourself and into the spiritual and energetic universe. Magnificent flows...

~ Jason

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